To reverberate is to echo or reflect in sound. A building of mass and materials is as much shaped by the elements of sound and light: the non-solid; the transitory; the spaces that are formed; the light that brings life to a room, and our movement and interaction within it –

We are interested in how buildings connect to context and surroundings. This includes the surrounding landscape, the trees and other wildlife, and the surrounding buildings of different historical periods. This relationship also extends outwards; we are committed to pursuing sustainable solutions, by employing materials, technologies and construction methods that have a low-impact on the planet.

We focus on how people interact with the building, and explore how the built form can facilitate a sense of well-being, social-interaction and a sense of community.

Reverb Architecture was set up by Tim Francey in 2011. With a focus on high-quality, innovative residential projects with an attention to detail, consideration of appropriate materials, and how clients will use and enjoy the spaces when they are completed.

With 13+ years in business, we have successfully completed over 120 projects around residential areas in London. Ranging from extensions, renovations and new-built projects.

We are a personable firm who are ready to work closely with you to bring our expertise and advice into harmony with your requirements to create the space that you dream of. We invite you to explore our projects page to gain insight into our portfolio. From concept to completion, we are dedicated to delivering solutions that exceed expectations while remaining cognizant of your unique needs.

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